40 hour work week – This is the span of time people in many professions work well over the usual and end up bringing workplace stress home with them. Stress is a negative reaction to overwhelming pressures placed on people and this is often felt at work. Fighting this stress is a personal objective, because most companies do not have the resources to focus on the personal health of their workers, sadly. It is vital to fight stress as it can lead to decreased output, weight gain and unhappiness towards work and workmates. Reducing work stress usually occurs through a series of changes both during the work day and at home. Read more to find out how to beat workplace stress and be happy again at work.
You should wake up early. Giving yourself an extra 15 to 20 minutes before you head out the door will leave you feeling more refreshed—and less frazzled. “Take time in the morning to center yourself,” says San Francisco-based psychologist Leslie Carr, PsyD. “A lot of people shoot out into their days like a rocket ship and it never gets better from there.” think about caffeine which takes 20 minutes to be metabolized for you to feel its effect. During that time, picture out your goals for the day or read something inspirational. You might find that your normally crazy day goes a little smoother and easier.

You can also use a to-do list or calendar to simplify your goals. Each of us works differently, but each can also learn to prioritize the main workplace goals from the things that can be done in time. Use a calendar, a pen and pad, an organizer, a pocket calendar, sticky notes or anything that will help to get the stress out of your head and organized in a simplified manner.
Bend, stretch and walk for a while because exercise produces endorphins that can make you happy. Go for a run during the day, or just take a brisk walk. And if you can’t get out, find an empty conference room or corner of the office where you can perform some basic stretches even for a minute or so. Anything to get the blood pumping so you can turn that stress into something positive so hey, stand up and jump.
Work should not be stressful instead, it should be fun. Once you learned to keep things easy, you’ll be happier!

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