Every morning when we wake up, we check ourselves first in the mirror and thank God for another day but then you see another line beside your sleep and you wonder why. There are things that make us age faster surprisingly. You may not be stressed the night before but how did you apply your moisturizing cream? You may not be smokers but what did you eat for dinner? These are just some factors to consider . Looking older that our age is embarrassing and we don’t want that. Here is the list of those unwanted situations.

You’ve probably heard it’s tidy not to drink dark-colored liquids straight from the glass, but when it comes to smoother skin, you’re better off ordering iced coffee without the straw. “The puckering movement encourages lines around the lips,” says Dendy Engelman, M.D., a consulting dermatologist for Clearasil. When done frequently, that strains the skin, causing smile lines—those creases on either side of your lips—to form or deepen. Do you have one?

If your daily meals are packed with foods that cause chronic inflammation, such as vegetable oils, margarine, red meats, white bread, or sugary, processed foods, you’re not doing any favors for your skin because these foods can cause irritation in your body, which may speed up wrinkle formation. To put a stop to premature aging, stock up on foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids and alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) such as flaxseeds, flaxseed oil, avocados, salmon, and and olive oil. These foods will help your skin preserve its soft and supple look.

Slouching over and staring down at our tech devices all day and most of the night is has a lot to do with your posture. Check out vintage photos of women in charm school and notice their perfect posture and books on their heads. Being mindful of your posture doesn’t just add to your gracefulness: It reduces aches and pains, helps you breathe easier, increases your confidence and (this is your favorite part) makes you look younger.
Remember these and prevent yourself to look older than your age!

Photo from: Tumblr


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